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Flooring Contractors in Fort Huachuca, AZ

The Helping Handyman

Address: Tucson,AZ Tucson, AZ 85730 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Our mission is to be a provider that brings back the personal touch with our customers. We will build a relationship that will last a lifetime once you see our quality work.

J.G Home Remodeling and Renovations LLC

Address: 4148 Industry Drive suite 1115 Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Here at AZ Cardinals Custom Builders, we sustain our business on quality and integrity With over 25 years of construction experience, will guarantee that your job will be done correctly and on time.

High Tech Home Warranties

Address: 315 Hubert St Raleigh, NC 27603 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

We are a one stop shop for all your home warranty needs. Our upbeat and friendly support team is always at your fingertips to respond to questions about your warranty 365 days a year!

Creative Concepts Remodeling and Restoration LLC

Address: Located In Tucson, AZ 85705 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Creative concepts remodeling and restoring LLC is a small local business in Tucson. We are very high quality and committed to provide home improvement, remodeling, new homes and old homes.

Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista, LLC

Address: 121 N. 6th St. Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales And Installation

Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista is a locally owned and operated general contractor in Sierra Vista, Arizona. We specialize in remodeling, repair, plumbing and restoration from water, mold, and fire damages.

Carpets of Dalton Flooring America

Address: 2720 E Lakin Dr Flagstaff, AZ 86004 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Carpets of Dalton Flooring America celebrating its 42nd year! Locally owned. Carpets of Dalton Flooring America is more than just a flooring specialty store.

Arizona Rug Company

Address: 15505 N Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85254 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

It also offers professional rug services. We specialize in handmade and machine made area rugs, Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Contemporary Rugs, Antique Rugs, Wool Rugs, Silk Rugs.

Davis Kitchens

Address: 4750 S Park Ave Tucson, AZ 85714 | Service Categories: Flooring Sales And Installation

Since 1975, Davis Kitchens has offered striking design, quality cabinetry, professional installation and first-class service. Davis Kitchens is Southern Arizona’s leader in cabinetry.

Formula Concrete Coating

Address: 7941 E Lakeside Pkwy Tucson, AZ 85730 |  Service Categories: Epoxy Flooring

Concrete coating, Epoxy , Poly, stain .. Garages, Driveways, Patios, Walkways,Pool decks and more. Commercial and Residential..

Recent Flooring Reviews in Fort Huachuca

Amy B. on July 2009

Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2023

It started with them not making the start date. the floor had to be removed partially because of faulty pieces that the installer cracked and left in place. The project has been ongoing and complaints have been made with the BBB with no resolution. Parts of the floors are still bowing and lifting. they had someone come in from the maker of the floors and they stated that the install was bad. They also suggested to not allow standing water. we explained that there is never standing water however we will follow their advice. We called because the floor was bowing still a year later and the owner refuses to return call

Amy B. on July 2009

Cynthia F. on August 2014

Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2023

Salespeople in store were clueless about install. I was sold a saw that was completely wrong for my project and had to return it. Store employees repeatedly gave wrong recommendations about installation and repeatedly told me how easy it was to do. It isn’t. Ultimately, I hired one of their contractors to install the floor. This appeared to completely flummox the in-store employees who kept giving me paperwork to buy more laminate which I had already purchased. The floor installer did an adequate but not stellar job and never replaced the strip in front of the sliding glass door or the brackets which held the closet doors at the bottom. Unless you have construction experience, do not rely on Lowe’s employees to learn a construction skill. They really appear to have no idea

Cynthia F. on August 2014

Shirley J. on July 2022

Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2023

He redid my linen closet, my bedroom closet, laid floors and had cabinetry made and installed, but nothing else has been completed. This experience hasn’t went well, I’m really disappointed. When I first signed up with him, he told me it would be done by April as I requested. It’s still incomplete, there’s always some excuse. He wouldn’t call to tell me he wasn’t coming. He went three weeks and only worked one day – most of the time it would only be two to three times a week. There are issues with the tile work that has been done and I told him I want it done right, but he doesn’t seem to care

Shirley J. on July 2022

Charles D. on June 2011

Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2023

The installers, which were provate contractors did a good job. Lots of dust all over from removing old tile and grout. They should have had a vacuum connected to thier removal tool. The sales person out right lied and said things that were not true like they use thier own employee’s not true they use contract people. They clain next day install, it took almost a week for them to show up. I would not use them again but I will leave it up to you. They still owe me 300o refund back to my credit card which I will probably end up taking them to court for

Charles D. on June 2011

Jose S. on March 2013

Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2023

I liked the price, they had a sale and I got a good price. Everything was great except for the time limit. Once I got the installation it was good and it was just that from the time I purchased it to the time the actual install happened.

Jose S. on March 2013

About Flooring Contractors in Fort Huachuca

A. Overview of Fort Huachuca

  • Fort Huachuca is a prominent United States Army installation located in Sierra Vista, Arizona.
  • It serves as the home to several military units and agencies, making it a vital hub for defense and intelligence operations.
  • Maintaining infrastructure, including flooring, is crucial for the base’s functionality and safety.

B. Importance of Flooring Contracts

  • Flooring plays a significant role in the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of buildings on Fort Huachuca.
  • Flooring contracts are essential to ensure proper installation, maintenance, and repairs to meet military standards.
  • This guide outlines the regulations, processes, and considerations for flooring contracts at Fort Huachuca.

Regulations and Requirements

A. Federal and State Regulations

  • Federal and state regulations govern construction and maintenance activities on military bases, including Fort Huachuca.
  • Compliance with regulations ensures safety, environmental responsibility, and quality workmanship.

B. Local Building Codes

  • Fort Huachuca may have its specific building codes and standards.
  • Contractors must be aware of and adhere to these codes when working on base facilities.

C. Environmental Considerations

  • Due to the sensitive nature of military installations, environmental regulations are stringent.
  • Contractors must follow protocols for waste disposal and minimize environmental impact.

Types of Flooring Contracts

A. Installation Contracts

  • These contracts involve the initial installation of flooring materials in new or renovated buildings.
  • Precise workmanship and adherence to specifications are crucial.

B. Maintenance Contracts

  • Ongoing maintenance contracts involve regular inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs.
  • Ensuring the longevity of flooring materials is a primary goal.

C. Repair Contracts

  • When flooring damage occurs, repair contracts are needed for prompt restoration.
  • Repairs should meet or exceed the base’s quality standards.

D. Replacement Contracts

  • Over time, flooring materials may need replacement.
  • These contracts involve removing old flooring and installing new materials.

Procurement Process

A. Identifying Flooring Needs

  • Base authorities assess flooring needs based on usage, wear and tear, and budget constraints.

B. Budgeting and Funding

  • Adequate budget allocation is critical for executing flooring contracts effectively.

C. Request for Proposals (RFP) or Bids

  • Fort Huachuca issues RFPs or invites bids from qualified contractors.
  • Contractors submit proposals outlining their qualifications, approach, and pricing.

D. Evaluation and Selection of Contractors

  • Proposals are evaluated based on various criteria, including experience, qualifications, and cost.
  • The selected contractor is awarded the contract.

Contract Terms and Conditions

A. Scope of Work

  • The contract defines the scope of flooring work, including materials, specifications, and schedules.

B. Payment Structure

  • Contracts stipulate payment terms, including milestones and final payment upon completion.

C. Warranty and Guarantees

  • Contractors often provide warranties for their workmanship and materials.
  • Guarantees ensure that any defects or issues are addressed promptly.

D. Compliance and Reporting

  • Contractors must comply with all regulations and report any incidents or deviations.

Contractor Qualifications

A. Licensing and Certification

  • Contractors must hold appropriate licenses and certifications to perform work on Fort Huachuca.

B. Experience and References

  • Demonstrated experience and positive references are crucial for contractor selection.

C. Insurance Requirements

  • Contractors typically need liability insurance to cover potential accidents or damages.

Project Management and Oversight

A. Project Planning

  • Effective project planning includes scheduling, resource allocation, and risk assessment.

B. Quality Assurance

  • Quality control measures ensure that the work meets or exceeds standards.

C. Timelines and Milestones

  • Contracts often include timelines and milestones to track progress.

D. Change Orders and Amendments

  • If changes are needed during the project, proper procedures for change orders must be followed.

Performance Evaluation

A. Inspection and Acceptance

  • Inspections are conducted to ensure work meets contractual requirements.
  • Acceptance indicates that the work is satisfactory.

B. Feedback and Communication

  • Open communication between base authorities and contractors is vital for successful project execution.

C. Issue Resolution

  • A clear process for resolving disputes or issues should be established.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

A. Weather-related Issues

  • Fort Huachuca’s climate may pose challenges; contractors should plan accordingly.

B. Unforeseen Site Conditions

  • Unexpected site conditions should be addressed with change orders and adjustments.

C. Budgetary Constraints

  • Managing costs within budgetary constraints is crucial for successful project completion.


A. Recap of Key Points

  • Summarize the critical elements of flooring contracts at Fort Huachuca.

B. Importance of Proper Flooring Contracts in Fort Huachuca

  • Highlight how well-executed contracts contribute to the base’s functionality and safety.

C. Continuous Improvement and Future Considerations

  • Emphasize the importance of learning from past projects and continually improving processes.

flooring installation in Fort Huachuca

  • A
    • Arizona Rug Company
      15505 N Scottsdale Road
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
  • B
    • Blue Man Fix It
      PO Box 13248
      El Paso, Texas 79913
    • Brazilian Direct
      1076 Kile Cir
      Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951
    • Butler Developments, LLC
      PO Box 3030
      Show Low, Arizona 85902
  • C
      PO Box 802
      Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635
    • Canyon Meadows Remodel And Repair
      4956 S San Pedro Ave
      Sierra Vista, Arizona 85650
    • Carpets of Dalton Flooring America
      2720 E Lakin Dr
      Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
      2149 S STATE HIGHWAY 92
      Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635
    • Color Your Carpet
      9800 Beach Blvd
      Jacksonville, Florida 32246
      PO Box 3905
      Sedona, Arizona 86340
  • D
    • Davis Kitchens
      4750 S Park Ave
      Tucson, Arizona 85714
  • E
    • ENMAR Hardwood Flooring
      560 E Germann Rd, Suite #105
      Gilbert, Arizona 85297
  • F
    • Floors Unlimited
      21609 N 12th Ave Ste 100
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    • Formula Concrete Coating
      7941 E Lakeside Pkwy
      Tucson, Arizona 85730
  • G
    • Granite Plus Inc
      4854 N Shamrock P Ste 110
      Tucson, Arizona 85705
  • H
    • High Tech Home Warranties
      315 Hubert St
      Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
    • Horizon Tile & Flooring
      PO Box 567
      Tonopah, Arizona 85354
  • L
    • Levelup Enterprises, Inc.
      18862 N. 62nd. Drive
      Glendale, Arizona 85308
  • M
    • Mr. Fix It of Sierra Vista, LLC
      121 N. 6th St.
      Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635
  • O
    • Onsite Design
      PO Box 24702
      Tempe, Arizona 85285
  • R
      340 N PLEASANT ST
      Prescott, Arizona 86301
  • T
    • TAB Tile And Stone LLC
      8380 South Nogales Hwy
      Tucson, Arizona 85756
    • Total Imagery Tile LLC
      3400 Swan Dr
      Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635

FAQs About Flooring Installer in Fort Huachuca, AZ

What are the key regulations governing flooring contracts in Fort Huachuca?

Flooring contracts in Fort Huachuca are subject to federal and state regulations, as well as local building codes. Compliance with these regulations is essential to ensure safety, quality, and environmental responsibility.

What types of flooring contracts are commonly used on Fort Huachuca?

The common types of flooring contracts on Fort Huachuca include:

Installation Contracts for new or renovated buildings.
Maintenance Contracts for regular upkeep and cleaning.
Repair Contracts for addressing damage.
Replacement Contracts for removing old flooring and installing new materials.

How does the procurement process for flooring contracts work on Fort Huachuca?

The procurement process typically involves the following steps:

Identifying Flooring Needs
Budgeting and Funding
Request for Proposals (RFP) or Bids
Evaluation and Selection of Contractors

What qualifications do contractors need to work on Fort Huachuca flooring projects?

Contractors must have:

Appropriate licensing and certification.
Demonstrated experience and positive references.
Adequate insurance coverage, including liability insurance.

How is project management and oversight handled in flooring contracts on Fort Huachuca?

Project management involves planning, quality assurance, timeline tracking, and change order management. Oversight ensures that work meets contractual requirements and standards.

What are some potential challenges in Fort Huachuca flooring contracts and how can they be addressed?

Challenges may include weather-related issues, unforeseen site conditions, and budget constraints. These can be addressed through proper planning, communication, and change order procedures.

Why are proper flooring contracts crucial for Fort Huachuca?

Properly executed contracts ensure the functionality and safety of base facilities. They help maintain compliance with regulations and standards, contributing to the base's overall mission success.

How can contractors ensure they meet Fort Huachuca's specific building codes and standards?

Contractors should familiarize themselves with Fort Huachuca's building codes and standards and integrate them into their project plans. Consulting with base authorities can also help ensure compliance.

What should I consider when evaluating potential contractors for a Fort Huachuca flooring project?

When evaluating contractors, consider their qualifications, experience, references, and adherence to regulations. Additionally, assess their proposed project approach and pricing.

How can I ensure environmental responsibility in flooring contracts on Fort Huachuca?

Environmental responsibility can be ensured by following protocols for waste disposal, using eco-friendly materials when possible, and minimizing environmental impact during flooring projects. Compliance with federal and state environmental regulations is crucial.

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