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Are you tired of scrolling through countless DIY tutorials and feeling overwhelmed by your flooring project? Fear not, as we have the perfect solution to simplify your search! Floor Installation Tips, the renowned home improvement platform, is your go-to resource for finding top-notch flooring companies and installers in Gilbert, AZ.

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Gain Valuable Insights by Reviewing Homeowners’ Feedback Before Hiring a Flooring Company or Installer for Your Gilbert Project. For additional perspectives and advice, explore our discussion forum and read reviews from other homeowners.

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When browsing through Floor Installation Tips and identifying potential contractors for your flooring project, you’ll be delighted to discover how simple it is to request quotes. With our user-friendly dashboard, you can effortlessly manage all the quotes you receive from Flooring Companies or Installers in one centralized location.

Flooring Contractors in Gilbert, AZ

Atomic Construction

Address: 5124 North 19th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85015 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Atomic Construction represents our family’s passion for exceptional quality and attention to superior detail. If you have been searching for a contractor that truly delivers what they promise, you found us!

Master of Wood Floors in Phoenix Arizona

Address: 22928 N 74 Ave Glendale, AZ 85310 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

We offer hardwood floor sanding, staining and refinishing, restoration and refinishing, buffing and recoating, chemically cleaning and dewaxing of wood flooring. Text is preferred method of contact (602) 689-6652.

Zona Floors

Address: 3125 South 52nd St. Tempe, AZ 85282 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Zona Floors is a full service flooring contractor servicing all of Maricopa County. We are licensed (ROC #336899), bonded, and insured. We offer and will bring out to your home (or business) all major flooring manufacturer’s products.

Rojas Construction LLC

Address: 3726 W ROANOKE AVE Phoenix, AZ 85009 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

With over 20 years of experience in the Flooring/Tile trade, we provide workmanship for the domestic and commercial markets. In need of a floor, kitchen back-splash, or a complete shower remodel ? Look no further!

Pavlin Flooring Wonders

Address: . Chandler, AZ 85224 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

My company “Pavlin Flooring Wonders” offers all kind of tile installation services that include floor tiling and backsplashes. Our professionals provide affordable tiling services without compromising the quality of work.

Only Wood Floors

Address: 1360 North 43rd Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009 | Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

We specialize in all phases of flooring services, such as laminate, vinyl, hardwood, tile, and more! We guarantee your satisfaction, and we won’t leave until the job is done right.

Banibal adde llc

Address: 16036 N 11th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85023 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Providing high quality service to the local community for 40 years. We specialize in flooring, tile, fountains, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and bathroom remodels. Anything that has to do with stone.


Address: 78 E UNIVERSITY DR Mesa, AZ 85201 | Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

We bring expertise with a personal touch to every job you give us the opportunity to be apart of and we guarantee to be with you every step of the way.

Squared Away Empire LLC

Address: 2651 E Bellerive Dr Chandler, AZ 85249 |  Service Categories: Flooring Sales and Installation

Our team of skilled professionals provide quality and reliable workmanship to ensure your home is well-maintained and fully functional.

Recent Flooring Reviews in Gilbert

Colin B. on June 2023

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2023

The J.S. team was very prompt in getting out to our projects to preview and provide estimates for the requested services. Provided exactly the scope they had proposed and always within the provided time frame!

Colin B. on June 2023

Gary P. on June 2023

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2023

Edward is excellent. Great customer service and a very professional repair. I highly recommend him. If you want a professional job done he is your man. I will definitely refer him to friends.

Gary P. on June 2023

Karen A. on June 2023

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2023

Eduardo did such an amazing job in my home. I needed 5+ rooms tiled and since I am still occupying the home/working from home I needed a lot of flexibility as to when the work could be done. Eduardo was more than accommodating to my schedule or any changes. He is honest and fair with pricing and will go out of his to get the best deal on supplies. Eduardo went above and beyond to meet and exceed our expectations. He is friendly and easy to talk to and has no issue answering or addressing and questions/concerns. Quick to respond and a great communicator. I am so happy to have my flooring finished in record timing without sacrificing quality. Do not hesitate to hire the Flooring GOAT, you won’t regret

Karen A. on June 2023

Mary R. on June 2023

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2023

She is very prompt and starts her work..very concise!! Doesn’t need direction..works independently…I would highly recommend her!!

Mary R. on June 2023

Paula E. on August 2023

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2023

I highly recommend this flooring company. The quality of their work is impeccable. I’ve actually used them three times over the years because of the beauty of their floors/work, their competitive pricing, professionalism and timely (and clean) installation.

Paula E. on August 2023

About Flooring Contractors in Gilbert

A. Overview of the Flooring Industry in Gilbert

Gilbert, Arizona, is a growing community with a thriving real estate and construction market. The flooring industry plays a significant role in both residential and commercial projects, making flooring contracts essential for ensuring successful installations.

B. Importance of Flooring Contracts

Flooring contracts are legally binding agreements that define the scope of work, pricing, and other crucial details for flooring projects. These contracts protect the interests of both clients and contractors by providing a clear framework for the job.

C. Purpose of the Outline

This outline serves as a guide for understanding the key aspects of flooring contracts in Gilbert, Arizona, including legal requirements, contract components, and how to navigate the process effectively.

Legal and Licensing Requirements

A. Licensing and Permits for Flooring Contractors in Gilbert

  • Explain the necessity of licensing for contractors in Gilbert.
  • Outline the specific requirements for flooring contractors.
  • Discuss the importance of obtaining the required permits.

B. Compliance with State and Local Regulations

  • Describe the regulations set by the State of Arizona that contractors must adhere to.
  • Highlight any unique local ordinances or regulations in Gilbert.

C. Insurance and Bonding Requirements

  • Explain the types of insurance and bonding needed for flooring contractors.
  • Discuss how insurance and bonding protect both parties in a contract.

Types of Flooring Contracts

A. Residential Flooring Contracts

  • Detail the typical components of contracts for residential flooring projects.
  • Mention common considerations for homeowners.

B. Commercial Flooring Contracts

  • Explain the nuances of contracts for commercial flooring installations.
  • Discuss the importance of meeting commercial building codes and standards.

C. Renovation and Remodeling Contracts

  • Highlight what homeowners or business owners should consider when renovating or remodeling their flooring.
  • Emphasize the importance of aligning the contract with the project’s goals.

D. New Construction Contracts

  • Discuss how flooring contracts for new construction differ from renovation projects.
  • Mention the integration of flooring contracts into the broader construction process.

Key Components of Flooring Contracts

A. Scope of Work

  • Explain how to clearly define the work to be done.
  • Provide examples of specific tasks and deliverables.

B. Project Timeline and Milestones

  • Discuss the importance of setting a realistic timeline.
  • Explain how milestones help track progress.

C. Materials and Specifications

  • Detail the types of flooring materials and their specifications.
  • Discuss how clients and contractors should agree on materials.

D. Pricing and Payment Terms

  • Explain how pricing should be structured, including labor and materials costs.
  • Discuss payment schedules and methods.

E. Warranty and Guarantees

  • Outline the warranty or guarantee provided for the flooring work.
  • Discuss how warranties protect the client’s investment.

F. Change Orders and Modifications

  • Explain the process for making changes to the original contract.
  • Discuss how change orders affect project costs and timelines.

Finding and Selecting a Flooring Contractor

A. Researching Local Contractors

  • Provide tips on how to find reputable flooring contractors in Gilbert.
  • Emphasize the importance of checking references and reviews.

B. Requesting and Comparing Quotes

  • Explain how to request and evaluate quotes from multiple contractors.
  • Discuss factors beyond price to consider when comparing quotes.

C. Checking References and Reviews

  • Describe the process of checking references and reading online reviews.
  • Discuss what to look for when reviewing past work and customer experiences.

D. Interviewing Potential Contractors

  • Provide a list of questions to ask potential contractors during interviews.
  • Discuss red flags to watch out for during interviews.

E. Signing a Contract with the Chosen Contractor

  • Explain the steps involved in finalizing the contract with the selected contractor.
  • Highlight the importance of ensuring all details are accurately reflected in the contract.

Contract Execution and Project Management

A. Contract Signing and Deposit/Payment Schedule

  • Discuss the importance of signing the contract and the role of deposits.
  • Explain the payment schedule and its correlation with project milestones.

B. Project Supervision and Communication

  • Discuss how the project will be supervised and who to contact for questions or concerns.
  • Emphasize the importance of open communication.

C. Handling Unforeseen Issues and Disputes

  • Describe common issues that may arise during flooring projects.
  • Explain how to handle disputes and disagreements in a professional manner.

D. Project Completion and Final Inspection

  • Outline the steps involved in project completion.
  • Discuss the importance of a final inspection to ensure quality work.

Dispute Resolution and Legal Recourse

A. Mediation and Arbitration Options

  • Explain alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration.
  • Discuss their benefits in resolving disputes outside of court.

B. Small Claims Court and Litigation

  • Describe the process of pursuing legal action through small claims court or litigation.
  • Highlight the costs and time involved in this option.

C. Contractual Dispute Resolution Clauses

  • Discuss the inclusion of dispute resolution clauses in contracts.
  • Explain how these clauses can streamline the resolution process.

Resources and Additional Information

A. Local Government Resources

  • Provide links and contact information for local government resources related to contracting in Gilbert.

B. Industry Associations and Trade Groups

  • List industry associations and trade groups that contractors and clients can turn to for support and information.

C. Legal Resources for Contract-Related Issues

  • Mention legal resources and organizations that can provide guidance on contract-related legal matters.


A. Summary of Key Points

  • Recap the critical elements of flooring contracts in Gilbert, Arizona.

B. Importance of Well-Structured Flooring Contracts in Gilbert, Arizona

  • Emphasize the role of well-structured contracts in ensuring successful flooring projects and protecting the interests of all parties involved.

flooring installation in Gilbert

  • #
    • 123 FLOORING INC
      1024 W Starward Ct
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • 3 Nails Contracting Inc
      2709 E. Joan d arc Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
  • A
      1609 W University Dr
      Mesa, Arizona 85201
    • A A A Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning
      1334 North Ashland
      Mesa, Arizona 85203
    • A TO Z Inc
      611 Cape Horn Dr
      Henderson, Nevada 89011
    • AAA Hardwood Floor Inc
      4625 W Mc Dowell Rd Ste 150
      Phoenix, Arizona 85035
    • AB Construction
      Phoenix, Arizona 85016
    • ABC Plumbing and Rooter
      284 E Chilton Dr #1
      Chandler, Arizona 85225
    • Abel Carpet Tile And Wood
      923 S Ash St
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • ABI Recovery LLC
      13794 w waddell road Suite 203-190
      Surprise, Arizona 85379
      PO Box 9378
      Surprise, Arizona 85374
    • ABT Home Renovations
      16026 N Cave Creek Rd Ste 4
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    • Access Home Repair
      3936 E Desert Cove Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85028
      5115 N Dysart Rd Ste 202-443
      Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340
      1825 E Ellis Dr
      Tempe, Arizona 85282
    • Agelastos Tile Installations
      14426 N 28th Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85053
      15215 S 48th Street suite 185
      Phoenix, Arizona 85044
      3141 W LOS GATOS DR
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    • Alexander Contracting
      6339 E Wildcat Dr
      Cave Creek, Arizona 85331
      1826 W BROADWAY STE 1
      Mesa, Arizona 85202
      890 SOUTH VISTA
      Apache Junction, Arizona 85119
    • Alliance Flooring Services
      20165 N 67th Ave #122a
      Glendale, Arizona 85308
    • Allspectrum Remodel Inc
      PO Box 9398
      Phoenix, Arizona 85068
      P.O Box 32036 104
      Phoenix, Arizona 85034
      6504 E QUARTZ ST
      Mesa, Arizona 85215
    • Altra Home Decor
      11325 W Bell Rd
      Surprise, Arizona 85378
    • American Made Remodeling LLC
      7762 North 51st Lane
      Peoria, Arizona 85301
      609 E Tanya Trail
      Phoenix, Arizona 85086
    • Apart Builders & Resortation LLC
      6101 W Parkside Ln
      Glendale, Arizona 85310
    • Arad LLC
      6783 W Melinda Ln
      Glendale, Arizona 85308
    • Arek and Chad Painting
      19026 N 24th Pl
      Phoenix, Arizona 85050
    • Arison Construction LLC
      438 E Blacklidge Dr
      Tucson, Arizona 85705
    • Arizona Bath & Kitchen Solutions
      2806 N Pennington Dr
      Chandler, Arizona 85224
    • Arizona Creative Surfaces
      3812 N Barron
      Mesa, Arizona 85207
    • Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.
      4645 S 36th St
      Phoenix, Arizona 85040
    • Arizona Flooring & Interiors
      6485 S. Rural Road
      Tempe, Arizona 85283
    • Arizona Flooring Brokers
      13802 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 108
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
    • Arizona floors llc
      1801 E Indian School Rd
      Phoenix, Arizona 85016
    • Arizona Garage & Closet Design
      16028 North 78th Street Suite 100
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    • Arizona Hardwood Floor Supply Inc
      8230 E Raintree Dr. #107
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85006
    • Arizona Rug Company
      15505 N Scottsdale Road
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
    • Arizona Wholesale Floors
      124 S Ironwood Dr
      Apache Junction, Arizona 85120
    • Arizona’s Best Carpet Care and Restoration
      4809 E McLellan Rd
      Mesa, Arizona 85205
    • Arron Enterprises
      7253 E Dewberry Ave
      Mesa, Arizona 85208
    • Arrowhead Carpet Tile & Interiors
      6232 W. Bell Rd. Ste 103
      Glendale, Arizona 85308
    • Artisan Touch, LLC
      402 West Gail Drive
      Chandler, Arizona 85225
    • Artistic Floors & Construction LLC
      4360 E. Main St. suite 101
      Mesa, Arizona 85205
    • AZ Stone & Tile Concepts LLC
      4106 E Windsong Dr
      Phoenix, Arizona 85048
      20816 N 20th Ave Ste 7
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
      4408 E MALDONADO DR
      Phoenix, Arizona 85042
      1406 W COLT RD
      Chandler, Arizona 85224
  • B
    • B and M Flooring Sales
      21242 N Black Canyon Hwy
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    • B Ann Builders LLC
      2210 E Fairfield St
      Mesa, Arizona 85213
    • Baker Bros Area Rugs & Flooring
      4219 E Broadway Ste 116
      Phoenix, Arizona 85040
    • Baker Bros Flooring
      3719 E Bell Rd
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    • Baker Brothers
      1702 S Val Vista Dr
      Mesa, Arizona 85204
    • Banibal adde llc
      16036 N 11th Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85023
    • Barefoot Surfaces
      740 E Redondo Dr
      Gilbert, Arizona 85296
    • Before & After Company
      PO Box 254
      Mesa, Arizona 85211
    • Best Floor Coatings
      2259 E Calypso Ave
      Mesa, Arizona 85204
      PO Box 15643
      Phoenix, Arizona 85060
      15507 N Scottsdale Rd 150
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
    • Bloomer construction inc
      2848 E houston Ave
      Gilbert, Arizona 85234
    • Bolder Image Floors
      50 N. 41st Avenue 1
      Phoenix, Arizona 85009
    • Bradfeldt Construction
      625 W Deer Valley Rd #103165
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    • Brandi Carpet
      3632 W Pinnacle Peak Road Suite 115
      Glendale, Arizona 85310
    • Brazilian Direct
      1076 Kile Cir
      Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951
    • Brilliant Epoxy Floors Inc
      16099 N 82nd St Ste B-11
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    • Brooks Hardwood Floors Inc
      PO Box 20727
      Wickenburg, Arizona 85390
    • Building Specialist LLC
      PO Box 10362
      Glendale, Arizona 85318
    • By The Hour
      28039 N 77th St
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85266
  • C
      2007 E TOPEKA DR
      Phoenix, Arizona 85024
    • C & L Tile
      14409 N 37th St
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    • Cactus Valley Homes LLC
      8408 E Shea Blvd
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    • Cadillac Tile LLC
      PO Box 86247
      Phoenix, Arizona 85080
    • Cage Free Grooming
      1840 E Warner Rd Ste 130
      Tempe, Arizona 85284
    • Caine & Co
      15029 N Thompson Peak Pkwy Ste B111-529
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
      319 W ROSEMONTE DR
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    • Capital R Construction
      3009 N. Rockwell Blvd #4
      Casa Grande, Arizona 85122
    • Carefree Floors & Kunkel Carpet Cleaning
      6528 E Cave Creek Rd
      Cave Creek, Arizona 85331
    • Carefree Stone of Scottsdale
      29009 N Nobel Rd.
      Phoenix, Arizona 85085
    • Carpet & Tile Junction
      60 N Signal Butte Rd
      Apache Junction, Arizona 85120
    • Carpet Closeouts
      17442 N Cave Creek Rd
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    • Carpet Shoppe
      3315 N 35th Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85017
    • Carpets of Arizona
      480 E Warner Rd # 4
      Chandler, Arizona 85225
    • CBC Carpet Upholstery Tile & Grout Cleaning
      15560 W Mauna Loa Ln
      Surprise, Arizona 85379
    • Cfsinstallations
      203 E Smoke Tree Rd
      Gilbert, Arizona 85296
      2622 E DESERT LN
      Gilbert, Arizona 85234
    • Changes Interior Design
      33446 N Symer Dr
      Cave Creek, Arizona 85331
    • Ciro’s Carpet Service
      20403 N Lake Pleasant Rd Ste 117-208
      Peoria, Arizona 85382
      8711 E PINNACLE PEAK RD STE D-101
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
    • Color Your Carpet
      9800 Beach Blvd
      Jacksonville, Florida 32246
    • Consolidated Facility Services
      P.O Box 51597
      Mesa, Arizona 85208
    • Cook Remodeling & Custom Construction Inc

      100 W. HOOVER AVE. 12
      Mesa, Arizona 85210

          10001 W BELL RD 109
          Sun City, Arizona 85351
        • Cranmore Carpet Cleaning LLC
          13174 W Foxfire Dr Suite 133
          Surprise, Arizona 85378
          4224 W WAHALLA LN
          Glendale, Arizona 85308
      • D
        • Daisy mountain flooring
          43015 n Hudson ct
          Phoenix, Arizona 85086
        • DBR Construction LLC.
          8550 N 91st Ave Suite 93
          Peoria, Arizona 85345
        • DC Restoration
          422 S Drew St
          Mesa, Arizona 85210
        • Deon’s Installations Deon Miller
          5505 E. McLellan Rd. #37
          Mesa, Arizona 85205
        • Desert View Handyman Services
          5510 w acoma dr
          Glendale, Arizona 85306
        • Detail Builders
          19119 E Sunnydale Dr
          Queen Creek, Arizona 85142
        • Diamond Granite & Remodeling
          4202 East Elwood Street Suite 21
          Phoenix, Arizona 85040
          23844 S POWER RD STE 102-212
          Queen Creek, Arizona 85242
          3161 N 35TH AVE
          Phoenix, Arizona 85017
        • Divine Redesign and Interior Decorating
          26604 S. Saddletree Drive
          Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248

          741 E Sack Dr.
          Phoenix, Arizona 85024

          • Dreamcoat Flooring
            2487 South Gilbert Road Ste 106
            Gilbert, Arizona 85295
          • dtr resedential llc
            8352 n 2nd place
            Phoenix, Arizona 85020
    • DustSharkz Dust Free Tile Removal
      349 E 10th Dr
      Mesa, Arizona 85210
    • DVS Development Co.
      118 W Orchid Ln
      Phoenix, Arizona 85021
    • East Valley Floors Inc.
      509 E Chicago Cir #2
      Chandler, Arizona 85225
    • Eddie & Son Lath & Stucco
      4939 W Ray Rd Ste 4-336
      Chandler, Arizona 85226
    • Efloors.com
      1000 Brook Forest Ave
      Shorewood, Illinois 60404
    • Eisenhour Hardwood Floors
      8261 E. Evans Unit 103
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    • Elite Custom Construction LLC
      14821 N 62nd Avenue
      Glendale, Arizona 85306
    • Elite Floor & Furniture Cleaning, LLC
      925 W. Baseline Rd. S–105L5
      Tempe, Arizona 85283
    • Emerald Isle Interiors Inc
      28410 N 25th Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85085
    • ENMAR Hardwood Flooring
      560 E Germann Rd, Suite #105
      Gilbert, Arizona 85297
    • Envision Painting & Roof Coatings
      PO Box 628
      Gilbert, Arizona 85299
    • ENVY Restoration + Construction
      803 E. Melody Drive
      Gilbert, Arizona 85234
    • European Builders LLC
      635 S. Ellis Street #1093
      Chandler, Arizona 85224
    • European Design Flooring
      20635 N Cave Creek Rd
      Phoenix, Arizona 85024
      2253 E BECKER LN
      Phoenix, Arizona 85028
    • Evergreen Floor Care LLC
      15111 N. Hayden Rd. # 160-307
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    • Excalibur Hardwood Floors, LLC
      555 W 2nd Ave
      Mesa, Arizona 85210
    • Exceptional Floor Covering, Inc.
      15789 West Glenrosa Ave.
      Goodyear, Arizona 85395
    • Express Flooring, Phoenix & Tucson
      4110 W Washington St #100
      Phoenix, Arizona 85009
      237 S Date St STE B
      Mesa, Arizona 85210
  • F
    • Factory Fresh Carpet Care
      3533 W Kathleen Rd
      Phoenix, Arizona 85053
    • Finocchiaro Construction LLC
      16042 N. 32nd St. #D-9
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    • First Choice Restoration Inc
      1310 N Mondel Dr Ste 102
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • First Class Coatings Inc
      4757 E. Greenway Rd Ste 107B -246
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    • First Class Green Cleaning
      3402 W. Wilshire Drive #22
      Phoenix, Arizona 85009
    • Flatline Concrete Grinding
      4515 W Citrus Way
      Glendale, Arizona 85301
    • Floor & Decor
      7500 S Priest Dr
      Tempe, Arizona 85283
      5880 W BELL RD
      Glendale, Arizona 85308
    • Floor Source
      17829 N Black Canyon Hwy
      Phoenix, Arizona 85023
    • Floor Time LLC
      11001 N 99th Ave Ste 111
      Peoria, Arizona 85345
    • FloorEver Interiors
      2705 S Alma School Rd Ste 4
      Chandler, Arizona 85286
    • Flooring 2day LLC
      610 W Broadway Rd
      Tempe, Arizona 85282
      6909 WEST RAY ROAD STE 5
      Chandler, Arizona 85226
    • Flooring gallery and more!
      15479 W McDowell Rd Ste 105
      Goodyear, Arizona 85395
    • Flooring services
      1505 E Calle Salamanca
      Tucson, Arizona 85714
    • Floors Unlimited
      21609 N 12th Ave Ste 100
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    • Footprints Floors Phoenix
      3260 N Hayden Rd
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
    • Full House Flooring
      16414 N 45th Dr
      Glendale, Arizona 85306
    • Full Spectrum Contracting LLC
      11543 E Adobe Rd
      Mesa, Arizona 85207
      1415 E UNIVERSITY
      Mesa, Arizona 85203
  • G
    • G & D Construction
      3118 W. Thomas Rd. Ste. 718
      Phoenix, Arizona 85017
    • G3 Glass Granite Group
      255 S Sirrine
      Mesa, Arizona 85210
    • Gainey Flooring Solutions
      10632 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 542
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
    • Garage Floor Coating.com East Valley
      6040 East Main St #143
      Mesa, Arizona 85205
    • GarageFloorCoating.Com
      3801 E Roeser Rd # 1
      Phoenix, Arizona 85040
      601 W GARY DR
      Chandler, Arizona 85225
    • Giovanni Herrera
      12556 W Cottonwood St
      Surprise, Arizona 85378
    • Go Pro Interiors
      2650 East Mohawk Lane
      Phoenix, Arizona 85050
    • Gold Star Handyman
      13856 W. Country Gables Dr.
      Surprise, Arizona 85379
    • Great Spaces
      2330 W Mission Ln 13
      Phoenix, Arizona 85021
    • Greater Phoenix Construction Inc
      15420 N. 56th Ave
      Glendale, Arizona 85306
  • H
    • Hacienda Stone & Flooring Inc
      1184 N. Gilbert Road Gilbert
      Gilbert, Arizona 85234
    • Handy in AZ LLC
      1760 E. Silver Creek Ct.
      Gilbert, Arizona 85296
    • Handyman Matters of Phoenix
      7505 East Main St. #700
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
    • Handyman Solution
      8924 E Pinnacle Peak Rd Suite 130
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
      PO BOX 13282
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85267
      PO BOX 10483
      Glendale, Arizona 85318
    • Hayden’s Flooring America
      13033 W GRAND AVE
      Surprise, Arizona 85374
    • HC Home Improvement, LLC
      2323 N 3rd St Ste 202
      Phoenix, Arizona 85004
    • Healthy Structures Inc
      1404 E Lemon St
      Tempe, Arizona 85281
    • Helping Handyman
      9477 W Deanna Dr
      Peoria, Arizona 85382
    • Herbein Construction LLC
      7031 E Larkspur Dr.
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
    • High Tech Home Warranties
      315 Hubert St
      Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
    • Home Depot – Chandler
      1155 W. Chandler Blvd
      Chandler, Arizona 85224
      13625 N 21ST LN
      Phoenix, Arizona 85029
    • Home Remodeling of Arizona LLC
      13260 W Foxfire Dr # A10
      Surprise, Arizona 85378
    • Home Solutionz, LLC
      4645 S 36th St
      Phoenix, Arizona 85040
    • Horizon Carpet & Tile Cleaning
      8269 W Jefferson St
      Peoria, Arizona 85345
    • Horizon Tile & Flooring
      PO Box 567
      Tonopah, Arizona 85354
  • I
    • Ideal Custom Flooring LLC
      1851 N. 37th Pl
      Phoenix, Arizona 85008
    • Impact Remodeling LLC
      PO Box 9944
      Phoenix, Arizona 85068
      Mesa, Arizona 85201
      6338 W Greenbriar Dr
      Glendale, Arizona 85308
      1663 E BISHOP DR
      Tempe, Arizona 85282
  • J
    • J & J FLOORING
      1409 E KENT AVE
      Chandler, Arizona 85225
      1783 W University Dr Suite 134
      Tempe, Arizona 85281
    • J R McDade Co
      1102 N 21st Ave .
      Phoenix, Arizona 85009
    • Jacob & Company Remodeling and Construction
      8563 E. Pierce St.
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85257
    • JD & SON LLC
      22386 N. Sunset Dr.
      Maricopa, Arizona 85139
  • K
    • Kelly Home Improvement & Repair, LLC
      1023 E Seminole Dr
      Phoenix, Arizona 85022
    • Kirk Development Co
      340 E Caron St
      Phoenix, Arizona 85020
    • KWW & Sons LLC
      6630 W Cactus Rd Ste B 107-140
      Glendale, Arizona 85304
  • L
    • Larrew Flooring LLC

      4658 W Caron St
      Glendale, Arizona 85302

        • Legacy Design Build Remodeling
          7750 E Gelding Dr Ste 4
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
        • Levelup Enterprises, Inc.
          18862 N. 62nd. Drive
          Glendale, Arizona 85308
        • LGL Construction LLC
          PO Box 10605
          Tempe, Arizona 85284
        • Lowe’s – Scottsdale
          7950 East Mcdowell Rd
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85257
        • Lujan Brothers LLC
          1919 E McKellips Rd
          Mesa, Arizona 85203
      • M
        • M C REPAIRS LLC
          777 E Coconino Dr
          Chandler, Arizona 85249
        • M3 Remodeling LLC
          2465 E Hopi Ave
          Mesa, Arizona 85204
        • Majestic Flooring LLC.
          155 S Montezuma Castle Hwy
          Camp Verde, Arizona 86322
        • Mark Steven Construction
          9784 W. Hedge Hog Place
          Peoria, Arizona 85383
        • Martin Construction and Remodeling
          6115 S. Kyrene Rd. 103A
          Tempe, Arizona 85283
        • Martin’s All Floors Service LLC
          PO Box 75423
          Phoenix, Arizona 85087
        • Master of Wood Floors in Phoenix Arizona
          22928 N 74 Ave
          Glendale, Arizona 85310
        • McCurdy Construction
          2090 E. University Drive Suite 105
          Tempe, Arizona 85281
        • McFarland & Son Flooring
          107 E Broadway Ste B
          Tempe, Arizona 85282
        • MDS Floor Solutions
          1323 W Michelle Dr
          Phoenix, Arizona 85023
        • Mexican Tile & Stone Company
          2036 W Greenway Rd
          Phoenix, Arizona 85023
        • Mexican Tile Restoration Inc
          PO Box 13927
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85267
          316 S. 52nd St.
          Tempe, Arizona 85281
        • MicMar Demolition/Flooring & Design Experts
          4231 S 37th Street
          Phoenix, Arizona 85040
        • Midwest Hardwood Flooring LLC
          6249 E Aster Dr
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
        • Mirage Marble & Granite LLC
          8119 N 83rd Ave
          Peoria, Arizona 85345
        • MK Remodeling & Design
          8051 E Plymouth
          Mesa, Arizona 85207
        • Mountain Sky Building and Design
          4849 S. Joshua Tree Drive
          Tucson, Arizona 85730
        • MTR Builders Inc

          28316 N 92nd Place
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85262

          • National Renovations LLC
            8114 W Amelia ave
            Phoenix, Arizona 85033
          • Natural Stone Care Inc
            2131 W 7th St
            Tempe, Arizona 85281
    • Neil’s Garage Cabinets
      520 N Bullard ave St 39
      Goodyear, Arizona 85338
    • New Step Install
      2432 W. Peoria Avenue, Ste 1209
      Phoenix, Arizona 85029
    • Next Level Remodeling Inc
      3225 W Columbine Dr
      Phoenix, Arizona 85029
  • O
      9124 E Main St Ste 20
      Mesa, Arizona 85207
    • On Target Plumbing LLC
      12844 N Paradise Village Pkwy W
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
      24615 N 23RD AVE
      Phoenix, Arizona 85027
    • Onsite Design
      PO Box 24702
      Tempe, Arizona 85285
  • P
    • Pacific Team Builders LLC
      3042 S Seton Ave
      Gilbert, Arizona 85295
      10265 E Dolphin Ave
      Mesa, Arizona 85208
    • Palladino’s Cleaning Service
      713 W Hemlock Way
      Chandler, Arizona 85248
      4737 E GREENWAY RD
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
    • Patterson Remodeling & Custom Tile
      3035 N Maple Ave Unit 2
      Mesa, Arizona 85215
    • Paul Munroe Tile and Stone
      13902 N 156th Lane
      Surprise, Arizona 85388
    • Perfection Granite
      1333 N Melba Court
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • Petar Inc
      824 e michigan ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85022
      150 S Windsor
      Mesa, Arizona 85204
    • Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning
      115 W Beautiful Ln
      Phoenix, Arizona 85041
    • Pietra Stone
      26776 Trasmiras
      Mission Viejo, California 92692
    • PM Contracting Team
      2644 N Champlain Ave
      Tempe, Arizona 85281
    • Preferred Handyman Services LLC
      16845 N 29th Ave. Ste 1-723
      Phoenix, Arizona 85053
    • Premier Concrete Resurfacing LLC
      7713 W Louise Dr
      Peoria, Arizona 85383
    • Primera Interiors
      2855 Coleman St
      North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032
      PO Box 14502
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85267
    • ProLine Flooring
      7801 W Via del Sol
      Peoria, Arizona 85383
    • PSI Window Coverings
      7255 E Adobe Dr 110
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
    • PV Interiors Tile and Travertine Cleaning
      872 N Naples Dr
      Chandler, Arizona 85226
  • Q
    • Quality Construction & Restoration LLC
      75 W. Baseline Road 14
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • Quality Stone and Tile Installation LLC
      5022 E Kirkland Rd
      Phoenix, Arizona 85257
  • R
    • R & K Building Supplies
      25 W Baseline Rd
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • R & R Handyman Services
      2707 Michelle Dr
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
      25194 W. Fremont Dr
      Buckeye, Arizona 85326
    • R&R Modern Designs Llc
      6343 W Avalon Dr
      Phoenix, Arizona 85033
    • R-TEK
      2627 E THOMAS RD
      Phoenix, Arizona 85016
    • Ramos Pavers
      3633 N 90 Dr
      Phoenix, Arizona 85037
    • Rapid Restoration and Construction LLC
      75 W Baseline Rd Suite 5
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • Rare Arts Construction
      3458 E Turnberry Dr
      Gilbert, Arizona 85298
    • Re-Bath & Kitchens
      16879 N. 75th Ave
      Peoria, Arizona 85383
    • Red Mountain Renovations
      6059 E Roland St.
      Mesa, Arizona 85215
    • Regal Bath & Kitchens
      7931 E Pecos Rd Building 1 Suite 112
      Mesa, Arizona 85212
    • Remodel Experts
      5225 North 40th Street
      Phoenix, Arizona 85018
    • Renegade Desert Homes LLC
      7922 E Camino
      Mesa, Arizona 85207
    • Restoration Hardwood Floors
      8766 W Myrtle Ave
      Glendale, Arizona 85305
      340 N PLEASANT ST
      Prescott, Arizona 86301
    • Richard A. Peel Contracting
      5439 E Piping Rock Rd
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
    • Rise Above Remodeling
      42302 N Vision Way
      Phoenix, Arizona 85086
    • RJR Renovations
      4420 E Bighorn Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85044
    • Rock Solid Tax and Accounting LLC
      8830 E Germann Rd Bldg 27 Ste 5
      Mesa, Arizona 85212
    • Rocky Mountain Restoration
      728 N Monterey St
      Gilbert, Arizona 85233
    • Rounds Construction LLC
      905 Monroe Avenue Suite D
      Buckeye, Arizona 85326
  • S
    • Sanels Wholesale Cabinets
      4645 S 36th St
      Phoenix, Arizona 85040
    • Scott Built Construction Company LLC
      3644 East Tierra Buena Ln
      Phoenix, Arizona 85032
      12657 N. 56th place
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
    • Scottsdale Flooring America
      10250 N 90th St Ste 102
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
    • Select Wood Floors
      7650 E Redfield rd. Suite C-1
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    • SGM Construction LLC
      15747 W Shangri-la Rd
      Surprise, Arizona 85379
    • Shop at Home Window & Floor Coverings
      35522 N 11th Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85086
    • Sierra Hardwood Floors Inc
      2530 N 7th St Ste 102
      Phoenix, Arizona 85006
    • Sledge Concrete Coatings
      13232 N Cave Creek Rd
      Phoenix, Arizona 85022
      10234 S 48th PL
      Phoenix, Arizona 85044
      28202 N 60th Pl
      Cave Creek, Arizona 85331
    • Spicegirl Remodeling & Design
      7901 E Thomas Rd suite 109
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
    • sport court of arizona
      7114 E Stetson Dr #205
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
    • Stanley Steemer
      2440 E Germann Rd Ste B-1
      Chandler, Arizona 85286
    • Stanley Steemer
      12455 N 92nd Dr # C109
      Peoria, Arizona 85381
    • Stanley Steemer
      23620 N 20th Dr Ste 22
      Phoenix, Arizona 85085
    • Stockett Tile & Granite Co
      24413 N 19th Ave
      Phoenix, Arizona 85085
      23844 S Power Rd
      Queen Creek, Arizona 85142
    • Stratton Restoration
      2918 S Alma School Rd
      Mesa, Arizona 85210
      2518 W TANYA RD
      Phoenix, Arizona 85086
    • Style By Design LLC
      21001 N Tatum Blvd Suite 1630-160 (Mailing address only)
      Phoenix, Arizona 85050
      4209 E DYNAMITE BLVD
      Cave Creek, Arizona 85331
    • Sunland Development Corporation – Roofing Division
      19801 N 59th Ave
      Glendale, Arizona 85308
    • Sunset Tile & Bath Inc
      17155 N. 51st Ave. Suite 116
      Glendale, Arizona 85308

      Phoenix, Arizona 85007

        • Superior Stone & Cabinet
          3717 E Broadway Rd Ste 3
          Phoenix, Arizona 85040
      • T
        • T M Porter Ltd
          1410 E. Ardmore Rd
          Phoenix, Arizona 85042
        • Tanner Materials
          800 N Arizona Ave
          Chandler, Arizona 85225
          2950 N DOBSON RD STE 15
          Chandler, Arizona 85224
        • The Floor Store
          525 W Baseline Rd.
          Mesa, Arizona 85210
        • The Garage Organization Co
          2401 West Phelps rd. Unit c
          Phoenix, Arizona 85023
          6801 E LARKSPUR DR
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
        • THE HOME DEPOT
          2650 W THUNDERBIRD
          Phoenix, Arizona 85023
        • The Keys Construction
          2507 E Huntington Dr
          Tempe, Arizona 85282
        • THIS OLD GROUT
          2225 W PECOS RD STE 12
          Chandler, Arizona 85226
        • Tile & Carpet Mecca
          1610 E Bell Rd 101
          Phoenix, Arizona 85022
        • Tile Pros
          4025 E Lee St
          Tucson, Arizona 85712
          8868 E Camino Del Santo
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
        • Tintas Granite and Flooring
          13410 W Foxfire Dr
          Surprise, Arizona 85378
        • Titanium Plumbing & Remodeling, Inc.
          13810 N 31st Dr
          Phoenix, Arizona 85053
        • TKS Solutions
          7000 N Cotton Lane #804
          Waddell, Arizona 85355
        • Todd’s Porcelain & Fiberglass Repair
          1829 S Horne Ste. 14
          Mesa, Arizona 85204
        • Together Interiors, LLC
          34522 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 120-410
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85266
        • Top Onyx Premier Granite and Fabrication
          2214 N 24TH ST
          Phoenix, Arizona 85008
        • Total Floor Removal
          400 W Baseline Rd
          Tempe, Arizona 85283
        • Turnkey Renovations, LLC
          75 W Baseline Rd Ste 5
          Gilbert, Arizona 85233
      • U
        • U.S. Stoneworks
          14014 N 172nd Ave
          Surprise, Arizona 85388
        • Unique Tile AND FLOOR
          1608 Palmcroft Way SW
          Phoenix, Arizona 85007
          1551 N DYSART RD
          Avondale, Arizona 85323
      • V
          9835 N 21ST AVE
          Phoenix, Arizona 85021
        • Vegas Construction LLC
          2617 N 24th St Ste 250
          Phoenix, Arizona 85043
        • Ventura’s Drywall
          3712 SE 11th Ave
          Amarillo, Texas 79104
        • VILLAGIO
          8340 E. Raintree Dr
          Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
      • W
        • Walk On Me Flooring
          460 S Country Club Dr Ste 1
          Mesa, Arizona 85210
        • West Coast Painting and Construction
          711 S Drew St
          Mesa, Arizona 85210
          350 E. ELLIOT RD.
          Chandler, Arizona 85225
        • Williams Construction and Consulting LLC
          3487 E Hopkins Rd
          Gilbert, Arizona 85295
        • Wood Floor Doctor
          2924 E Avalon Dr
          Phoenix, Arizona 85016
        • WOODPRO
          9154 W SALTER DR
          Peoria, Arizona 85382
      • Y
          2055 N Alma School Rd. Ste 24B
          Chandler, Arizona 85224
          11203 W Nevada Ave
          Youngtown, Arizona 85363

FAQs About Flooring Installer in Gilbert, AZ

Do flooring contractors in Gilbert, Arizona need to be licensed?

Yes, flooring contractors in Gilbert, Arizona, are required to be licensed. They must obtain the appropriate state and local licenses and permits to legally perform flooring work. Licensing ensures that contractors meet certain standards and qualifications, providing a level of protection for consumers.

What should be included in the scope of work section of a flooring contract?

The scope of work in a flooring contract should include a detailed description of the work to be performed, such as the type of flooring to be installed, the square footage, any subfloor preparation needed, and specific installation requirements. It should be as comprehensive and specific as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

How can I find a reputable flooring contractor in Gilbert, Arizona?

To find a reputable flooring contractor in Gilbert, you can:

Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors.
Check online reviews and ratings for local contractors.
Contact industry associations and trade groups for referrals.
Interview multiple contractors and request references from past clients.

What is the importance of a warranty in a flooring contract?

A warranty in a flooring contract provides assurance that the work will meet certain quality standards and last for a specified period. It protects the client's investment and gives them recourse if issues arise after the installation. Make sure to understand the terms and duration of the warranty before signing the contract.

How are disputes typically resolved in flooring contracts?

Disputes in flooring contracts can be resolved through various means:

Mediation and arbitration: Parties can engage in mediation or arbitration to resolve disputes outside of court.
Small claims court: Clients can pursue legal action through small claims court for smaller disputes.
Litigation: For more significant disputes, parties may resort to traditional litigation through the court system.

Can I make changes to the flooring contract once it's signed?

Yes, changes can be made to a flooring contract after it's signed, but it's important to do so through a formal process known as a "change order." This document outlines the modifications to the original contract, including any changes in scope, materials, or costs. Both parties should agree to and sign the change order.

What insurance and bonding should flooring contractors have in Gilbert, Arizona?

Flooring contractors in Gilbert typically need general liability insurance and surety bonds. General liability insurance provides coverage for property damage and bodily injury claims, while surety bonds offer financial protection in case the contractor fails to fulfill the contract. It's crucial for contractors to have adequate coverage to protect their clients and themselves.

What should I do if I have concerns about the quality of the flooring work during the project?

If you have concerns about the quality of the work during the project, it's essential to address them promptly. Communicate your concerns with the contractor and document any issues with photographs or written descriptions. Clear communication can help resolve problems as they arise and ensure that the project meets your expectations.

How can I protect myself as a homeowner or client when entering into a flooring contract?

To protect yourself as a homeowner or client:

Verify the contractor's license and insurance.
Get everything in writing and ensure the contract is comprehensive.
Set a clear payment schedule tied to project milestones.
Keep all communication and documentation related to the project.
Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding contracts and construction work.

What should I look for in a well-structured flooring contract?

A well-structured flooring contract should include:

A clear scope of work.
Detailed project timeline and milestones.
Specific materials and specifications.
Transparent pricing and payment terms.
A warranty or guarantee.
Provisions for handling changes or disputes.
Signatures from both parties.

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